What should a models portfolio consist of?

What type of modeling pictures should you have in your portfolio & on your comp card?  Often times people have a very unrealistic idea of what a professional modeling image is. First and foremost your modeling portfolio should consist of two things. First, the images from work that you have previously done. For example a…



How to take digitals

As a Talent Agent I often request updated digitals from my models/talent for direct bookings. So I have decided to give you a mini how-to session on digital submissions for this industry.  Now keep in mind that each agent has their own wants, so this is specific to our agency.  I want you to understand…



Tax deductions for models and talent

It’s that time of the year… tax time!  I’ll start off by saying I do a lot of things & take on a lot of responsibilities, but I am definitely not a CPA!  haha.  I will not give legal advice here, however, I will give you some helpful tips on filing taxes in Florida as…



Commercial Modeling vs Fashion Modeling

I often get asked what is commercial modeling and how is it different from fashion modeling.   Commercial print models are seen in your everyday advertisements for non-fashion items & places.  Commercial models can be seen on advertisements for  billboards, boxes of hair color or even the side of a city bus.  As well as in…